The Story of GS

    My first memory of creating skin care products was at 7 years old; convincing my young girlfriends during sleepovers to make our very own watermelon lip gloss together. I was a little girl with a lip gloss obsession and a desire to learn their ingredients. Later as an adult, I struggled buying products like bath bombs from large corporations with long lists of ingredients I couldn't pronounce printed on the labels. It didn't feel authentic using these products, let alone buying them for loved ones as gifts.
    In 2015 I began producing homemade bath bombs with just 5 simple ingredients. It felt good knowing exactly what was in my bath fizzers and I loved making them for other people. Since then I've expanded my production to making homemade soap, non-toxic candles, plastic-free shaving bars, natural lip balm and lotion bars. I deeply enjoyed making these products and decided in July 2020 to make my product line publicly accessible. Grounded Skin was then born to reach others whom like me- want to use products on their skin and in their bathrooms that are mindfully created with earth-derived ingredients that naturally nourish & replenish skin.

    Taking a relaxing bath and the ritual of cleansing your body at the end of a long day is the time to reset... a time to ground. Grounded Skin was birthed to bring you and our community quality skin care products to help you ground & while you care for your skin.
    I appreciate you being here, your support for GS, and look forward to connecting with you. 
Stay well & stay grounded,